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Pictures from 8 to 10 Years

Watching Santa come down the street, Winter 2008.

At the Constitution Center, January 2009.

Sledding in the snow.

School picture, May 2009.

At Shamona Creek, Spring 2009.

Summer 2010.

Avalon, NJ, June 2009.

School picture, October 2009.

Marsh Creek State Park, July 2010.

Soccer picture, October 2009.

Putting menorah stickers on the window, December 2009.

School picture, March 2010.

First day of school, August 2010.

First time playing catcher, September 2010.

School picture, October 2010.

Taughannock Falls, October 2010.

At the bar in Rochester, NY, October 2010.

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