Galaxy Crash
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Welcome to Galaxy Crash JavaLab!

Colliding Galaxies
This is an interactive java applet which allows you to model galaxy collisions on your own computer. With this applet you can study how galaxies collide and merge gravitationally and how the effects of the collision depend on the properties of the galaxies. You can also recreate collisions between real interacting galaxies observed in the sky.

The buttons to the left will lead you to the following areas:

  • Background: scientific information on galaxy collisions
  • Applet: the Galaxy Crash applet itself
  • Controls: information on how to run the applet, and how the physics are calculated.
  • Lab: Galaxy Crash exercises that help you explore the physics behind galaxy collisions.
  • Links: links to other sites with lots of good information on colliding galaxies.
Good luck. Remember, when you work with Galaxy Crash you are not watching movies, but actually running your own real-time models. You control the action, so feel free to explore!

- Scientific Development: Chris Mihos (CWRU), Greg Bothun (UOregon)
- Java Programmers: Chris Mihos, Dave Caley (UOregon), Bob Vawter (CWRU)
- Web Design: Cameron McBride (CWRU)