All trees are sugar maples.

1 tap x 12 inch diameter (use up to 1 tap)  behind Don's pile 
1 tap x 25 inch diameter (use up to 2 taps) near Don's edge  
2 tap x 24 inch diameter (use up to 2 taps) dead top 
1 tap x 29 inch diameter (use up to 3 taps) last in the line 

Total 5 taps, 5 buckets 

10-20 gal of sap per tap per season = 50-100 gallons of sap maximum

1/30 (or less) of this is 1.7-3.3 gallons of syrup maximum

rule of thumb: 1/3 gal syrup per tap, so expect 1.7 gal syrup

Each day produces 1 gal of sap per tap.  

The season is a few weeks long; I started taps in first week of March.