Pictures of Pets

Before we get to the pet pictures, here is running list of animals that have been seen in my back yard:

Pet chickens from 2005 and 2006.

A pet chicken we used to have before it got run over by a car. Click here to see why it crossed the road.

Three pet goats. Francis is in the front.

Emma Brown, "That Darn Dog"

Emma eating a napkin (left) and asleep on my couch (right).

Devil Dog (left) and in front of the wood burning stove (right).

Emma after taking a swim.

Our buff orpington, 2008.

Chickens in the coop, 2008.

Chickens outside, 2008.

Rhode Island Red, Summer 2009.

Baby chicks from Shamona Creek classroom (growing up!), Summer 2010.

The coop, Spring 2012.

Xenopus, January 2013.

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