Rugines Duonos Gira

Translated from Lithuanian:

Rugines Duonos Gira
(rye bread beer)

1.5 lbs dried Lithuanian bread
2 gallons boiling water
1 pound honey
1 tablespoon yeast (fresh yeast)
1 tablespoon flour
10-12 raisins

Break up the "black" bread into moderate-sized pieces. Place bread
pieces into a large bowl and pour on the 2 gallons of boiling
water. Close tightly. When it cools, strain. Put the honey mixed with
the yeast and the flour into the liquid. Mix well. Keep for 12 hours
at room temperature (don't put a tight top on, use a towel or plate to

Next day, strain, and pour into bottles. Put one (1) raisin in each
bottle. Close well (seal). Use after 2-3 days.