Student Research Projects

Fronefield Crawford

Below are descriptions of the various research projects that my student colleagues and I have undertaken (presented in reverse chronological order). Students interested in learning more about getting involved in research projects with me at F&M are invited to contact me directly. My contact information can be found here.

I also manage the NANOGrav Student Teams of Astrophysics ResearcherS (NANOStars) program at F&M in which students participate in various research activities with the Arecibo telescope.

Funding sources for these research projects are acknowledged at the bottom of the page.

Mckenzie Golden (F&M '25), Eric Baldwin (F&M '25), and Sergio-Marin Miralles (F&M '26)

Youssef El Gharably (F&M '26) and Kelvin Larty (F&M '26)


Wenky Xia (F&M '24)

Melanie Ficarra (F&M '24)

Yuta Shiohira (Ph.D. student, Kumamoto University)

Liv Young (F&M '23), Dani Zoeller (F&M '23), Andrew Lara (F&M '24), and Gavi Fischer (F&M '25)

Ziyu Mo (F&M '23)

Alex Sobey-Strick (F&M '23) Mia Gironda (F&M '23) Maggie Shaw (F&M '24) and Wenky Xia (F&M '24) Gillian Leeds (F&M '25) and Melanie Ficarra (F&M '24) Shinnosuke Hisano (Ph.D. student, Kumamoto University)

Adem Imamovic (F&M '22), Andrew Lara (F&M '24), Ethan Senatore (F&M '24), Yihao Zhang (F&M '23), Erik Lillegard (F&M '23), David Li (F&M '24), and Joey Buck (F&M '24)

Zach Nusbickel (F&M '23) Don Fasce (F&M '21)

Mckenzie Golden (F&M '25), Dani Zoeller (F&M '23), Aubrey Laity (Millersville '21), Jamie Margeson (F&M '21), and Tomonosuke Kikunaga (Ph.D. student, Kumamoto University)

Jack Sinton (F&M '20), Ileane Ho (F&M '20), and Aaron DiGregorio (F&M '21)

Gaby Sallai (F&M '19), Stasia Kuske (F&M '19), and Jack Sinton (F&M '19)

Tori Bonidie (F&M '20)

Faisal Alam (F&M '19)

Benjamin Nguyen (F&M '18) and Tanya Saigal (F&M '19)

Rachel Umberger (F&M '17)

Lam Tran (F&M '17)

Kristina Rolph (F&M '15)

Chris Morrow (F&M '15)

Jack Madden (F&M '14)

Ryan Anella (F&M '13)

Hannan Li (F&M '14)

Zach Robinson (F&M '11)

Dominik Rastawicki (F&M '11)

Debbie Schmidt (F&M '12) and Claire Gilpin (F&M '12) Debbie Schmidt (F&M '12) and Justin "J.B." Brown (F&M '11) Claire Gilpin (F&M '12) and Matt Jaffee (F&M '10) Dean Altemose (F&M '09) Jen Moses (F&M '11) Chase Morgan (F&M '08) Brian Devour (F&M '10) Elisabeth Bardenett (F&M '07) Tim Falkner (F&M '07) Brian Takacs (F&M '07) Peter O'Malley (Haverford '08) Sarah Burke (Haverford '06), Peter Forshay (Haverford '05), Nathaniel Grabman (Haverford '07), and Megan Roscioli (Haverford '05) Gabe Roxby (Wesleyan '06) Steve Gilhool (Vassar '05) and Ryan Sajac (Haverford '06) Cole Sorrelgreen (Haverford '04) Andrew Cantino (Haverford '05) Reid Sherman (Haverford '04) Saurav Dhital (Swarthmore '06) Chelsea Tiffany (Wellesley '04) Nathan Keim (Haverford '04) Lindsey Malcom (MIT '01)


Our work has been supported in part by funds from the following sources:

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