Froney's Physics 8.01 Recitation Page

I was a recitation instructor for Physics 8.01 for the Fall 1999 semester. This is a physics course at MIT which was taught by Professor Walter Lewin. Much of the information on the course itself can be found on the course homepage. The two sections I taught were R06 and R07.

Contact Information

Recitation Meeting Schedule

Each section meets twice a week. Please try to come on time since I sometimes make announcements at the beginning of class.

Click here to find the campus location of the classroom.

As part of the course, quizzes are administered roughly weekly in the recitation sections (see below).

Homework Assignments, Quizzes, and Exams (see the 8.01 course calendar for relevant dates)

Click on the links to obtain copies of the items.

General Homework Information and Policy

General Quiz Information and Policy

Average and Passing Grades

This is to help you gauge your performance in the class. Some of these averages reflect the grades prior to any changes that are made and do not take into account my discretion regarding missed homework or quizzes in some cases.

Note that your grade is computed as follows: Exam 1 (100 pts), Exam 2 (100 pts), Exam 3 (100 pts), Final Exam (200 pts), Assignments (100 pts), Quizzes (100 pts). This comes to 700 pts total.

Final Course Grades

The breakdown of the final grades for the course for R06 and R07 are as follows:

I am pleased that over 90% of the students in R06 and R07 passed the course. Congratulations!

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