Physics 399: Senior Seminar
Department of Physics, Haverford College
Fall 2004


Welcome to the senior seminar. In this course you will participate in the following: The class meets on many Wednesdays throughout the semester, but with several other special events. Copies of all assigned readings in the course will be made available to you in advance of the class meeting. You are expected to have read the assignment and to come prepared to discuss it. A binder in the physics lounge contains reports on some alumni who were contacted by senior seminarians in previous years.

Course Requirements (Fall)


You will receive one grade at the end of the academic year for PHYS 399 as a whole. (The grade of CIP, course in progress, will be submitted at the end of the fall semester.) The physics faculty working together assigns grades in the senior seminar according to the following weighting factors: A reduction of 0.1 grade points will be applied per unexcused absence if more than one occurs per semester. (This includes attendance at required colloquia and talks.)

Meeting Times and Schedule

Meetings are generally Wed 2:00-3:30 p.m. in Koshland INSC Link 205. However, there are also some additional special events. This schedule is subject to revision.

An action photo from the senior seminar can be found here.

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