Lab Web Page for
Astronomy 100: Survey of Astronomy
(Tuesday Section)

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Franklin & Marshall College
Fall 2013

Welcome to the Fall 2013 edition of Astronomy 100: Survey of Astronomy. This is the web page for the Tuesday lab section, which meets on Tuesday mights. The labs will be taught by Froney Crawford. Many of the lab details can be found in the lab manual.

Some Administrative Information

For the lab, you will need the following items:

Our labs will meet every week on Tue from 7:30 - 9:20 p.m., usually in Hackman 425. However, we will sometimes meet elsewhere (depending on the lab). I will let you know in advance (probably by email) which lab we will be doing in a given week and where we will meet. I'll have more to say to you in person about what needs to be turned in and graded and when it is due.

Froney's contact information is:

Come see me anytime!

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