Giant Radio Pulse Search of the LMC Pulsar PSR J0537-6910

Project Summary

The LMC X-ray pulsar PSR J0537-6910 is a young, energetic, and fast spinning (16 ms) X-ray pulsar that has not been detected as a radio pulsar. Various prior search efforts with Parkes were reported by Crawford et al. (1998), McLaughlin and Cordes (2003), and Crawford et al. (2005).

A re-analysis of this last and longest observation (11.6 hr of integration time) using the FETCH and HEIMDALL single pulse analysis packages has revealed 49 dispersed single radio pulses above a S/N of 7. It is not clear if any of these pulses originate from PSR J0537-6910 itself, and the pulses span a wide range of DMs. All of the pulses are also fairly weak, with none having S/N above 8.5. There are also three repeat pulses detected at a DM of 103 pc cm-3, which is within the LMC DM range).

These results are reported in "Detection of 49 Weak Dispersed Radio Pulses in a Parkes Observation of the X-ray Pulsar PSR J0537-6910" by F. Crawford, Astrophysical Journal, 968, 99 (2024).


All 49 waterfall detection plots generated by FETCH are available for viewing in PNG format.

Below: Pulse detection S/N as a function of DM for 49 pulses detection in this 11.6 hr observation.