GBT Pulsar and Transient Search of M31

Project Summary

We have searched the disk of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) with the Green Bank 100-m Telescope (GBT). using 1-hr integrations at 350 MHz with 100 MHz of bandwidth. HEINDALL and FETCH were used to search for single pulses and bursts and PRESTO was used for the periodicity search.

Project Participants

  • Fronefield Crawford (F&M)
  • Joe Lazio (JPL)


    guppi_55330_0218+42_0002.fil 5.5G
    guppi_55330_0218+42_0012.fil 5.5G
    guppi_55330_2214+3000_0001.fil 5.5G
    guppi_55330_m31.0_0013.fil 3.0G
    guppi_55330_m31.0_0014.fil 8.0G
    guppi_55330_m31.1_0010.fil 2.7G
    guppi_55330_m31.1_0011.fil 301G 
    guppi_55330_m31.2_0009.fil 315G
    guppi_55330_m31.3_0007.fil 158G 
    guppi_55330_m31.3_0008.fil 168G  
    guppi_55330_m31.4_0003.fil 3.0G
    guppi_55330_m31.4_0004.fil 2.9G
    guppi_55330_m31.4_0005.fil 2.8G
    guppi_55330_m31.4_0006.fil 315G 
    guppi_55333_0218+42_0007.fil 5.2G
    guppi_55333_2214+3000_0002.fil 5.5G
    guppi_55333_m31.1_0008.fil 3.0G
    guppi_55333_m31.1_0009.fil 8.3G
    guppi_55333_m31.2_0005.fil 2.8G
    guppi_55333_m31.2_0006.fil 212G
    guppi_55333_m31.3_0003.fil 2.8G
    guppi_55333_m31.3_0004.fil 335G
    guppi_55334_0218+42_0004.fil 5.2G
    guppi_55334_2214+3000_0001.fil 5.1G
    guppi_55334_m31.1_0002.fil 3.0G
    guppi_55334_m31.1_0003.fil 304G

    Processing Status Summary Sheet
    Single Pulse Candidates
    Periodicity Candidates (zmax 1200) and Candidate Refolds

    Below: (left) Optical image of M31 (credit and copyright Robert Gendler), and (right) the Green Bank Telescope.