F&M/NRAO Search of Unidentified Radio Sources

The original Jodrell Bank search of 92 unidentified sources from the NVSS and FIRST surveys was reported in "A Search for Submillisecond Pulsations in Unidentified FIRST and NVSS Radio Sources" by F. Crawford, V. M. Kaspi, and J. F. Bell, Astronomical Journal, 119, 2376 (2000). The search undertaken here with the NRAO 140-ft telescope is a bit different and employs some software tools as well as some observing and computational developments that were not available for the previous search.

Funding for some of the equipment used in this project comes from West Virginia EPSCoR and Research Corporation.

Project and Telescope Info

  • Target List and Processing Status
  • Disk Locations
  • NRAO 43-m Telescope Web Page
  • Real Time Telescope Display/Status (mitll,43m-mit)

    Project Participants

  • Fronefield Crawford (F&M)
  • Glen Langston (NRAO)
  • Debbie Schmidt (F&M '12)
  • Claire Gilpin (F&M '12)
  • Ben Nguyen (F&M '18)
  • Tanya Saigal (F&M '19)
  • Jamie Margeson (F&M '21)

    Publications and Presentations

  • "Reprocessing of a Green Bank 43 m Telescope Survey of Unidentified Bright Radio Sources for Pulsars and Radio Bursts", by F. Crawford et al., Research Notes of the American Astronomical Society, 5, 21 (2021)

  • "A Search for Rapidly Spinning Pulsars and Fast Transients in Unidentified Radio Sources with the NRAO 43 Meter Telescope", by D. Schmidt et al., Astronomical Journal, 145, 116 (2013)

  • "A New Search of Unidentified Radio Point Sources for Fast Pulses and Bursts", by D. Schmidt et al., American Astronomical Society Meeting, 219, #237.16 (2012)

  • "Progress Report on a New Survey of Unidentified Radio Sources for Fast Pulses and Bursts", by F. Crawford et al., American Astronomical Society Meeting, 217, #215.01 (2011)

  • "Pulsar Science with the Green Bank 43m Telescope", by M. Mickaliger et al., American Institute of Physics Conference Series, 1357, 60 (2011)

    Below: The NRAO 43-meter radio telescope.

    Below: Detections of PSR B1937+21 and the Crab pulsar from test observations with the system.